How to Keep Drafts Out of the Chimney

Many people depend on fireplaces to keep their home warm. It is an energy-efficient, comforting way to heat the home during the cold winter months in the state. But, drafts are something that threatens the comfort that you experience at your home. Luckily, you can take many steps to protect your home against drafts and energy and heat loss.

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One way to reduce drafts is with a newly installed chimney damper. The damper prevents heat loss. Most fireplaces have a specific type of damper known as a throat damper on it. This is located above the firebox in the inside of the unit. The location prevents a full seal around the top, so it may allow drafts that worsen over time. Updating the damper is an easy way to reduce worries.

Hire a professional chimney sweep Maryland to clean the fireplace of soot and other debris that can make your family sick, cause heat loss, and cause far many more problems that you certainly do not want to experience. Costs to clean the chimney are there, but it is a yearly service that is well-worth the small expense that you pay.

Have you considered installing a fireplace insert? May people have discovered the benefits that an insert offers and have added it to their fireplace. You can make the same decision and create an airtight seal that also blows heat in the right direction. Many people use the inserts and it is time that you join this awesome trend.

Draft blockers are also available for your fireplace. Many brands and styles of blockers are available to purchase and install to stop a draft from minimizing the comforts of your home. The blockers are easy to install so you won’t need to hire a professional for this service.