Top Nine Things To Remember When You’re Doing A Kitchen Redesign

1. It will take longer than you think

It does. It just does. There is always something no one planned for or you found hiding under the (old) floorboards. It always takes longer than you think.

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2. It will cost more than you plan

This is another one of those gotcha’s. Did you decide you just don’t like the door handles and want a change?

3. It isn’t a simple job

Even when all you’re doing is taking the doors off and giving them a lick of paint, putting them back is harder than it looks.

4. Different people are involved

Which is one of the reasons why it always takes longer. Coordinating the plumber, floor contractor electrician, gas man all takes time.

5. You can have what you want

Work out what are your non-negotiable and stick to them.

6. The bigger the job the more you need a pro.

When it’s a top to bottom kitchen redesign, Vancouver WA, get a professional. They have done this before. They know what to do. See #4 different people are involved, they can help. They probably have friends and knowing the person who knows the personÂ… You get the idea.

7. A whole redesign means floor to ceiling

If you’re replacing the floor and getting new lights, everything is going to have to go.

8. You’re going to want new fixtures

Telling yourself the old fridge will look great is not going to work. There will come a point when you look at your new designer kitchen and the stove is just not going to cut it. If it’s a budget thing, plan with a dream freezer in mind.

9. It is all worth it at the end of the project – honestly!