Keeping Your Elderly Loved Ones At Home

When you’re concerned about the care of an elderly or sick relative, especially if they are unable to make decisions for themselves, making the right decision seems like an incredibly heavy burden.

Your first concern is getting the best for the loved one and doing what they would want. But then you have to balance those concerns against the financial considerations but you want them to be happy and comfortable. Above all, you don’t want them to be scared.

The idea they are frightened and that you could do something about it is more than any of us wants to carry

Keeping anxiety at bay

More people are turning to the idea that keeping relatives in their own home is a way of keeping the fears at bay. Familiarity helps keep people on an even keel. Keeping a family member out of care can also be a way of stretching pennies further than you would imagine, because you can cherry pick the services you need as and when you need them.

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Choosing the right services

Service providers like companion care greenwich provide an array of options which reflect the situation. The starting point is usually an assessment – with all concerned actively involved, including the loved one where possible.

Once you all know what you’re dealing with, then the specifics of care can be decided. Perhaps it just some companionship your loved one needs. But if it is someone to live in, that is just the other end of the spectrum.


This is a professional service. Never trust the care of your loved on to anyone other than a trusted are service with the certificates, the checks and the balances, like random drug tests for staff. This is about their quality of life.